When DIY Turns into DI WHY

Even though the DIY phenomenon is growing remarkably, there are many reasons why hiring a professional interior designer is the way to go.

Over the past 10 years or so we have grown to be increasingly more capable of tackling most reno and décor projects as we become comfortable shopping at our local home centres as well as with accessing the internet for a wealth of information and instruction.  But there is a traditional school of thought that suggests that we might not want to learn at our own expense. Our homes are profoundly personal and important to us and our families and, therefore, we are all uncomfortable with allowing our most prized and hard-earned possessions to be transformed into a DIY petri dish where we tackle, for the first time, major projects that will affect the very quality of our day to day life, security and personal enjoyment. Yes, saving money on certain projects is the right way to go and can be a truly rewarding experience, but properly planned demo, wiring, plumbing, installing valuable upgrades…?  Not a chance! Interior designers will resolve these issues avoiding a DIY turning into a “DI WHY?!”

Here are three very good reasons for hiring a professional interior designer.


When considering a décor or reno project it is important at the beginning to do so from a broad perspective. Often one change to our home can dovetail with the next so it is beneficial to create a plan that will enable us to see the overall project through from beginning to end. A good map means a smooth journey.


A seasoned design professional will address contingencies and sourcing issues which will enable us to maximize the value of the results that we are able to achieve with the amount of money that is available.

Time management:

Your designer is in familiar territory and will save your time whether vetting trades or acquiring permits in addition to sourcing materials.

Considering the reasons given above, hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure that your home interior design project goes according to plan. Book a consultation to discuss your needs.