Are you thinking on dialing your preferred designer or decorator for your project and do not know what to expect from her or him, what to say or how long can you talk with a designer, etc.? Let me describe how a typical first conversation with a designer could sound. All companies are different but for sure the next questions that I am going to tell you are pretty much standard in our design community. The purpose of this blog is to help you get prepared before calling. These are the questions:

  1. How did you learn about us? (postcards, networking, magazine, referral,etc.)
  2. Have you visited our website?
  3. What type of house you live? (condo, semi-detached, cottage, etc.)
  4. Where is your home located? ( name of city or area)
  5. What is the timeline for your project? ( for when you are planning to get the project completed)
  6. Why are you doing this now? ( special event, new born, change of aesthetics, etc.)
  7. Do you have financing and time for a project? ( do you know how are you paying for the project and are you committed to spend some time for the project?)
  8. How involved would you like to be in the project? 100%, 50% or you would let your designer lead.
  9. What is the budget? Please answer as accurate as possible. This issue is important to see if the budget aligns with your project and also with the company’s rates and business goals.
  10. Who would have the authority to make decisions? (Is it you, your partner, both or any other person?)
  11. When can we get together for our first consultation? (choose a date convenient for both parties and usually the payment for the consultation is required)

I hope this helps you on your first phone conversation with a designer and that both the designer and you can find the right match for each other.

My next blog will discuss what happens in a typical first design consultation.