Next to kitchens, bathroom remodeling and renovation has become very popular and important over the last few years. Correct bathroom remodeling also positively impacts the value of your home. It is important to know what to do, how to use your budget wisely and of course the design and selection of materials. We all want a bathroom that reflects our personality and style and, most importantly, addresses our personal needs. Function and value are achieved through careful planning and smart choices of materials and fixtures.

Here are some of the best tips that can make your dream bathroom a reality.

Determine your budget

Have a discussion about the needs and wants with the people who will be using the bathroom. Discuss fixtures, finishes colours and style. This will help you to determine the budget required for the project. Don’t forget to add to your budget at least a 15% contingency for unanticipated problems that seem to pop up in every project. Including planning and execution of the project it takes about 30 days or longer depending on the details. Hiring an interior designer at the beginning of the project will help you with the planning, recommendation of fixtures, finishes and managing the schedule for both installers and vendors.

Create a bathroom layout

It is important to know that relocating fixtures can be expensive. Try to work with existing placement of fixtures as much as possible unless is absolutely necessary to achieve a specific design layout.  Be sure to give the layout a lot of thought because changes to the plan during the building process will prove to be very costly.

Think about lighting

Lighting is as important in bathrooms as in any other space in your home.  For ambient lighting consider using track lighting, potlights. Sconces at certain heights will create perfect lighting for make-up and grooming since it creates soft lighting that avoids unflattering shadows. Don’t forget beautiful pendant lighting that provides light diffusion and creates a visual element on the ceiling. I recommend automatic lighting under floating cabinets for safety reasons especially for seniors and children.


This is often overlooked when renovating a bathroom. Proper ventilation ensures that your renovation will last for years to come. A poorly ventilated bathroom can lead to mildew and mold built up. This can ruin expensive upgrades such as cabinetry, walls, floors, etc. Consider fixtures such as a fan timer with a one hour setting or with a motion sensor. Also consider fixtures with remote timers and dehumidistat.

Think about heated floor

This option creates a more comfortable ambient air temperature and provides a feeling of luxury under your feet. Make sure the heated floor is installed in the shower as well. This will provide a level of comfort that you will not want to live without.

Space is important

Having an efficient floor plan is crucial.  Every single centimeter should be used wisely due to the fact that bathrooms are multi-functional. The use of mirrors, glass enclosures and floating cabinetry and the utilization of vertical space can be used to create a more spacious looking bathroom.

Wise selection of materials

When selecting materials take in consideration durability as well as style and beauty. For flooring you might want to select ceramic tile or marble. Splurge on elegant sink and shower fixtures. Pick a nice elongated toilet. Longer, deeper tubs are more inviting. Mix pattern, colour and textures when choosing floor and shower tiles.

We hope that these tips help make your redesign fun, easy and successful. As designers at MVH Design we can help you put your ideas in order, select your materials, style and details. Together we will design a bathroom that solves all your dilemmas and concerns. Leave us a note below and let’s get started!