Our process is simple and very effective.
We use a 15 step design process which involves the following 4 major phases. It all starts with the first in-home consultation.


Consultation, Contract & Project Commencement

The first consultation is crucial for the design project. In this time the clients explain their ideas, how the space is going to be used, style, preference of colours, budget and time frame.

The designer will give you practical solutions to your dilemmas, objective opinion and provide concrete direction. If the client would like to move forward, we will explain
our 15 step design process and contract in detail.


Reasearch, Design Concept
& Presentation

Once the contract has been signed and fees have been received, MVH Design will move to the next phase. The design concept includes floor plan, elevations, furniture, furnishings, lighting fixtures, materials and accessories.

Turnaround time is 2-6 weeks depending on the project’s scope of work. The designer will present floor plans and all priced materials/furniture/furnishings, etc. required and thoroughly explain the design concept and solutions. The presentation is based on the scope of work stated in the contract. The home owners and/or decision makers should be present during the presentation.

At the end of the presentation the client will be able to visualize their dream space!


Project Management

Once the client has provided the designer a deposit for goods and services, order are placed and the project starts moving forward.

In this phase the designer will prepare schedules and monitor trades people, providing site checks and solving problems that may occur on site, prepare and track purchase orders, coordinate delivery, installation and styling.

Our design service is a turnkey solution which means we take care of every single detail on behalf of the client.


Client Reveal

After the furniture installation and styling process are complete, it’s time for the client reveal!

After weeks or months of waiting, our design team will be pleased to present the clients with the final results of their project. The clients simply need to sit back and enjoy the new, beautiful and functional space they envisioned.

We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations!

work with us.

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