Your kids are all gone to college or university or they have just moved on with their lives. You now have a spare bedroom and you can create a guestroom. Your dilemma is, “where to start”? There are so many options in the market, new colours, new trends and you don’t really know what to do. Rest assured, if you follow these next 7 steps you will achieve your goal very effectively, even on a limited budget.

Step 1. Remove all furniture and furnishings from the room so you have a blank canvas to work with. If your bed is valuable keep it or if your budget permits add a new upholstered headboard.

Step 2. Buy a duvet cover or comforter that you really like. This will be your inspiration for the rest of the room.

Step 3. Paint the room with a neutral and quite colour. Neutral colours are very versatile and gender neutral. People are comfortable with these colours. You can also add a feature wall with a contrasting colour.

Step 4. Refresh the chest of drawers for your guests. Bring in a new dresser or refinish/paint an existing one to make it look like new. Adding new hardware will take it to the next level without breaking the bank as well.

Step 5. Add lots of decorative pillows, and a throw. You can use as many pillows as you want but I suggest 3 to 5. Pick a colour from your duvet cover to coordinate or contrast with your pillows and throw.

Step 6. Add or re use a night table (see step 4) and embellish with a beautiful table lamp.

Step 7. Buy fresh, quality new sheets. Reward your guests with comfort and luxury.

Depending on your budget you could add a chandelier, an area rug, art and draperies but with these 7 steps you can convert  any spare bedroom into a welcoming guestroom for your family and friends to enjoy.